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What If Gaga Was One Of Us? Just a Slob Like One Of Us?

Here is a short, amusing video by Australia’s Hungry Beast which answers the question, “What if Lady Gaga walked among us, but without…The Fame?” [Towleroad]

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Marc Spitz and His New Bowie Biography

Oh, so that’s what he’s been up to!  Quite excellent music journalist (and sometime playwright) Marc Spitz has written a new biography on David Bowie. In his introduction, Spitz answers the question you probably just asked in your head, “why … Continue reading

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‘Oh You’re Gonna Get a Big Love Touch’

I’ll just be upfront about this:  as as kid I really, really liked the movie Legal Eagles. I don’t know why!  It was not in the same way I liked Outrageous Fortune, which seemed sort of naughty and taboo, what … Continue reading

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Tin (Ear) Machine: The Attempt to Craft the ‘Ideal’ Bowie Song

In today’s intersection of David Bowie and science, Dr. Nick Troop, an expert in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, analyzed the lyrics and chart positions of every Bowie song and album to craft what might be the ultimate, the … Continue reading

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Will the Scissor Sisters’ Third Album Be Their ‘Berlin Record’?

It is almost a rite of passage now for some stars of rock.  The artist, looking to shake off the disappointment of a record, or a string of bad records, and in dire need of reinvention and inspiration, decamps to … Continue reading

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The Only Dry Humping to Blur Video You Never Needed to See

A couple of things:  1) I’m no prude and b) I very much like the songs of Blur, and will acknowledge that they certainly stir the various impulses, such as to dance and by extension fuck.  But!  If you are … Continue reading

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Justin Bond: The Positive Nihilist

The inimitable Justin Bond was recently interviewed by NY1’s Budd Mishkin.  It is delightful, as you’d imagine, since Bond gives good quote.  And even if, as he deprecatingly joked in his Facebook status, that his “hair makes [him] look like … Continue reading

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Spencer Pratt Is ‘the White Jay-Z’

If you are a purist about rap music, I’m sorry.  Your genre has once again been sullied.  Somewhere on the level of giving your great aunt the gift of a Whitman’s Sampler, only to find someone squeezed out a turd … Continue reading

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Whale Songs

My sister, quite the scholar and more knowledgeable about literature than I could ever be, refuses to read Moby-Dick. In fact, she even claimed so in that gonorrhea-like 25 Things Facebook meme thing that everyone seems to have contracted.  So, … Continue reading

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Getting the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Soundtrack Together

Now that casting is all but complete for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (see the handy chart), attention turns to the all-important soundtrack.  Will it be the aural blueprint for the tone of the film or just another grab bag … Continue reading

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We’ve All Been Patti LuPWNed Now

You may have heard about Patti LuPone’s mid-show diva freakout during a performance of Gypsy, where she stopped the proceedings to have a picture-happy audience member booted from the theater (“Who do you think you are?!”), but have you heard … Continue reading

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