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What If Gaga Was One Of Us? Just a Slob Like One Of Us?

Here is a short, amusing video by Australia’s Hungry Beast which answers the question, “What if Lady Gaga walked among us, but without…The Fame?” [Towleroad]

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Distracting Decolletage

It was worth slogging through the somnabulistic Emmy telecast to see “Mad Men” pick up the trophy for best drama.  (Basic cable pretty much pwned the networks for those keeping score at home.)  And also to see Christina Hendricks, aka … Continue reading

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The Rock-afire Explosion Revival

Maybe the best thing to happen to parents in the ’80s is that they had the option to move their kids’ birthday parties from the confines of their homes and backyards to entertainment meccas like ShowBiz Pizza Place, which had … Continue reading

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Infamous playwright/trophy wife/YouTube divorcee Tricia Walsh Smith has popped up on World of Wonder in an “exclusive interview” – seemingly exclusively in a moving automobile for all of a minute and twenty seconds. (Still, at least she found some folks … Continue reading

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Sad (Space) Clown

At long last, some videos of forgotten 70’s gay glam rocker Jobriath have been uploaded to YouTube. Initially marketed to be the American version of Bowie, (though a Bowie if he stuck to sticking it to dudes), he ended up … Continue reading

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“The Sweet Sand Passage of Time”

Who better than Bubble, the personal assistant idiot savant from “Absolutely Fabulous,” to remind us of what celebrating the last day of the Gregorian calendar entails?

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“I Got Both Baskets Going In the Fryolator”

As another tedious work week comes to a close, listen to the comedic stylings of Marc Maron as he argues that there are some jobs which you should be able to get high in order to perform. (Ironically, it’s NSFW … Continue reading

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Congratulations! I Mean, Sorry?

Remember how Doris Lessing just won the the Nobel Prize for literature and was all, meh? Here’s a quick clip of her response when she was informed by reporters in front of her home. Seriously, Dor, could you at least … Continue reading

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Welcome To My Timewaster — “Hello, Amorous Congress Stick”

So, one of the perks of my psuedo-job is that my co-workers and I can be online all day and watch retarded YouTube videos without disrupting any real work. We’ve recently become addicted to this spoof of soap opera villainess … Continue reading

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“I’m All Wet and Sticky”

There’s absolutely no reason at all to post this outdated, politically incorrect sex education video…except that it’s hilarious. And I have a hot nut for these hoary old misguided educational films.

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Kiki-ing and Carrying On

Oh that iCurt. First he cuddles up with Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, now he’s snagged an interview with Justin Bond, aka boozy chantoozy Kiki of Kiki & Herb. Totally worth watching for the announcement that K&H will be … Continue reading

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People Who Died

As I was a little disheartened by the condition of Jim Carroll at the Brooklyn Book Festival, what with him exhibiting the ravages of age and illness, I thought it’d be nice to revisit the “Catholic boy” in his punk … Continue reading

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