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‘Outré Island’ Is Not So Foreign a Destination

The word Outré is defined as “out of the common course or limits; extravagant; (2) bizarre; outlandish”; unfortunately the new solo show at Ars Nova, Outré Island, is not quite that far gone.  At least, not yet! The workshop production, … Continue reading

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‘Tis Pity She’s NOT a Whore?

So, in a piece published in the Telegraph, the writer is all chuffed that a stage adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s running in the West End — which is not the musical!  Which long ago was the floppiest of flops! … Continue reading

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I Had a Meme, a Meme About You, Baby

To truly succeed now, a thing, or “brand” — however the hell you commodify an entertainment property (or entertainer) — should find a way to infiltrate all avenues of popular culture.  See, for instance,  I Can Has Cheezburger:  The MusicLOL … Continue reading

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Sax & Dixon Offer Up Comedic Wedded Bliss

Two’s company, but John Dixon and Matt Sax create a crowd of  thirty wedding revelers in their new show We Thee Wed, currently running Ars Nova. Wresting momentarily the nuptial craze from the purview of the reality show bridezillas, the … Continue reading

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Mel & El: ‘It’s Like Laverne and Shirley with Curse Words’

The award-winning duo of Melanie Adelman and Ellie Dvorkin are back with Mel & El:  Show and Tell, a new comedy with music starting in May.  Amidst rehearsals, the pair was happy to answer questions about the new show via … Continue reading

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The Future of American Theatre

So, American Theatre magazine has polled various practitioners to envision what will/might/should happen to the art form of theatre over the next twenty-five years.  Fun!  The resulting essays range from the practical to the imaginative to the vaguely dippy.  Still!  … Continue reading

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Gimme Down to There Hair

Here is one of those wonderful  items that publicists like to plant to create “buzz” for a show.   It is to be taken with a grain of salt, but it does involve pubic wigs, so. IT’S the real thing when … Continue reading

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King Leery: Some Viewers Happy That McKellen’s Royal Sceptre Didn’t Make It To Air

“Great Performances” on PBS recently aired Trevor Nunn’s acclaimed stage production of King Lear, starring Sir Ian McKellen.  (Missed it?  You can view it online.)  But the show was performed with one excision:  namely the elderly king’s dangling sceptre.  The … Continue reading

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Impressionism Is, Um…

Last night Impressionism — the December-December romance starring Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen — opened on Broadway.  I was there.  The show was…nice.  (Saying something is nice, we all know, is really just a way to deflect one’s true feelings.  … Continue reading

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Hero of the Week: Steve Martin

When an Oregon high school put the kibosh on a production of Steve Martin’s play Picasso at the Lapin Agile, the author-slash-comedian-slash-renaissance man, upon reading about the controversy online,  graciously stepped up and pledged to donate funds to produce the … Continue reading

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‘The Wendigo’: A Hunting Trip Gone Terribly Awry

Quick, what’s the last “scary” play you’ve seen?   Plays dealing with horror seem  not to be afforded a prominent place under the big umbrella of theater, perhaps because they are “genre” pieces? The nerdy cousins to more “respectable” or “serious” … Continue reading

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We’ve All Been Patti LuPWNed Now

You may have heard about Patti LuPone’s mid-show diva freakout during a performance of Gypsy, where she stopped the proceedings to have a picture-happy audience member booted from the theater (“Who do you think you are?!”), but have you heard … Continue reading

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