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People Who Died: Jim Carroll

Sad.  Punk poet Jim Carroll, author of “The Basketball Diaries,”  died of a heart attack in his Manhattan apartment on Friday.  He was 60. I happened to see him read, or rather struggle and shuffle and digress in the attempt … Continue reading

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Ephemera: Forgotten Bookmarks

If you are the kind of person who frequently acquires your reading material from libraries and used book stores, as I am, likely you find, stuck between the pages of your recent acquisition, random scraps that have served as the … Continue reading

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For When You Want to Share Your Dream Cast of a Mary Higgins Clark Book With the Internet

Paul Constant at the Slog does not think much of Storycasting, the site where you can play casting director with your favorite books.  “What a weird, unnecessary little website”  he says. Which is not untrue!  But then:  welcome to the … Continue reading

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The Sexy Doodles of Branwell Brontë

Poor  sad, alcoholic, tubercular — also probably gay,  and most certainly libidinous — Branwell Brontë.  How was he to ever shine when those bitch sisters of his kept hogging the spotlight? Is it a wonder he shambled off this mortal … Continue reading

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Reading Is For Elitists Who ‘Don’t Know How To Live’

Did you know that Mary Gaitskill has a new short story collection, Don’t Cry, out?  I very much look forward to buying and reading that.  I’ve heard good things about John Wray’s Lowboy recently.  I’ll probably read that too.  Why? … Continue reading

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Because They Don’t Sell Smack at Gristedes

Literary Outlaws:  They’re just like us!  They shop for sundries!   Here is, purportedly, a grocery list of deceased author William S. Burroughs, which is being sold on eBay for around 500 bucks.  Cat food!  Waffles!  Vodka!  In the world … Continue reading

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Whale Songs

My sister, quite the scholar and more knowledgeable about literature than I could ever be, refuses to read Moby-Dick. In fact, she even claimed so in that gonorrhea-like 25 Things Facebook meme thing that everyone seems to have contracted.  So, … Continue reading

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I’ll Drink What He’s Writing

Bookninja suggests — in a refutation of the Book Examiner’s pairings of booze and books — to match your tipple to the writer rather than their works.  For instance, “Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth by Margaret Atwood … Continue reading

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The Art is Deceitful Above All Things

Over at the Times’ Paper Cuts blog the spectre of JT LeRoy is once again raised. You’ve got to hand it to Laura Albert, her machinations have ensured that this whole succès de scandale will not die, even though the … Continue reading

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Book Nookie

On the back page of the New York Times Sunday Book Review is a cute-ish illustrated Q & A with various bookstore clerks in New York — “the quiet gatekeepers of literature” — wherein they ostensibly share anecdotes about the … Continue reading

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A Gay Hero? Super!

It is being reported that Hero, the novel by Perry Moore about the world’s first gay superhero, is going to make its way to television. It is a book I read and enjoyed thoroughly, being that I like both superheroes … Continue reading

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A Swift Kick to the Nuts Might Do

On the matter of the current crop of “It” Lit boys and why they can only churn out flaccid prose comes an alternate solution, this from Powell’s blog: We could also up the ante a bit. Today, for instance, a … Continue reading

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