‘Oh You’re Gonna Get a Big Love Touch’

I’ll just be upfront about this:  as as kid I really, really liked the movie Legal Eagles. I don’t know why!  It was not in the same way I liked Outrageous Fortune, which seemed sort of naughty and taboo, what with the swearing and the chair sex.  (Though in the film there is a quite good blowjob joke I never picked up on as a youngster.)  As Legal Eagles is now on Hulu I watched it again and nope, still don’t know why I liked it.  I did not want to be a lawyer when I grew up, and I had not an interest at that age in art world crimes.  But I remember vividly that I did, and kinda still do.  (Though Daryl Hannah’s performance art piece is so awful.  “Put out the fire!” Uh, yes please do and let’s never speak of this moment again, okay?)

I was struck though by the realization that I might, might have also been too fond of the Rod Stewart song from the film, “Love Touch.”  In my defense, in my preteen years I had zero, I mean zero, taste in music.  It was not something I sought out, it was just something that happened, when riding in the car or on the bus to school, just songs playing.  Too, I like how more often back then films had just one signature song, rather than now, where it’s just a grab bag of indie bands that anyone could curate by hitting shuffle on their iPod. (I’m looking at you, Amanda Scheer Demme.)

That was a long way around to explaining why if you click the video above you’ll be subjected to a terrible quality video of the Rod Stewart song.  (We won’t even bother to parse the lyrics, we’ve all got better things to do, like flossing or changing a lightbulb, which would be more edifying than a deconstruction of the sentiments in the song.)  So, then!  You’re welcome/I’m sorry.

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6 Responses to ‘Oh You’re Gonna Get a Big Love Touch’

  1. I feel strongly that this was choreographed by a 6th grade band teacher.

  2. melissa says:

    ummm…I still know all the words to this song. Ashamed? I think not.

  3. apophenia says:

    Oddly I too really liked Legal Eagles when I was a kid, and tried to watch it again recently before quitting not even a third of the way through. I think a lot it was that I totally had a crush on the Debra Winger character, which seems inexplicable to me now.

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