We’ve All Been Patti LuPWNed Now

You may have heard about Patti LuPone’s mid-show diva freakout during a performance of Gypsy, where she stopped the proceedings to have a picture-happy audience member booted from the theater (“Who do you think you are?!”), but have you heard the dance single?  Remix!  Some enterprising talent set La LuPone’s epic rant to some dancey beats and added a catchy rap and, well,  instant club hit.  Where can I download the ringtone? YouTube [via La Daily Musto]

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2 Responses to We’ve All Been Patti LuPWNed Now

  1. This video kinda completes me.

    And good for her. I flip out at people in public all the time. I’m hopin’ that she’ll make it stylish after all these years.

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