Justin Bond: The Positive Nihilist

justin bond

The inimitable Justin Bond was recently interviewed by NY1’s Budd Mishkin.  It is delightful, as you’d imagine, since Bond gives good quote.  And even if, as he deprecatingly joked in his Facebook status, that his “hair makes [him] look like a crazy cat lady!”  Some choice Bondisms:

On the success of Kiki and Herb:  “I said, ‘Mom, you have to buy next month’s Vanity Fair, I’m going to be in Vanity Fair. They’re doing a feature and a photograph.’ [And she said], ‘Is that another gay magazine?’ [And I said], ‘No, mom, you could get it at the mall. It’s pretty popular.’ [And she said], ‘Alright.'”

On parental acceptance:  “You shouldn’t have to sell out Carnegie Hall for your parents to approve of what you’re doing or to understand or to at least try and get it. But in this case, that’s what it took.”

On his worldview:  “I’m what my friend Charles calls, ‘the most positive nihilist he knows.’ I don’t believe in anything, yet I have faith in everything.”

You should be wanting to watch this! (Click image to view.)

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3 Responses to Justin Bond: The Positive Nihilist

  1. Lukas says:

    I love this. Thank you.

  2. “You want the car to run, you gotta give her some gas!”

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