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Dreaming of the ’90s at the Portlandia Premiere

It is well and good that Julia was free to accompany me to Wednesday’s premiere screening of IFC’s “Portlandia,” as she is in my “peer group” and it would have been terrible to have to explain to someone younger why … Continue reading

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Camelflage! For a Sleeker, Smoother, Uh…

Ladies, I would not presume to speak at you about your undergarment needs.  (I do not even like to utter the word panty.)  But there is a website and a product out there that needs mentioning, and it is selling … Continue reading

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Remedial Math: Lambert Edition

Oh, hello!  Welcome to Remedial Math, where we make a snap judgment on which of two vaguely related things is greater than the other, illustrated in the form of a hastily (and crudely) created image. Today, it is American Idol … Continue reading

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What If Gaga Was One Of Us? Just a Slob Like One Of Us?

Here is a short, amusing video by Australia’s Hungry Beast which answers the question, “What if Lady Gaga walked among us, but without…The Fame?” [Towleroad]

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‘Life’ and How to Live It Up

Last night the Discovery Channel’s “Life,” the sequel, of sorts, to “Planet Earth,” premiered in New York. After introductory remarks by David M. Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Communications — “the #1 nonfiction media company!” A declaration made more than once! … Continue reading

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‘Outré Island’ Is Not So Foreign a Destination

The word Outré is defined as “out of the common course or limits; extravagant; (2) bizarre; outlandish”; unfortunately the new solo show at Ars Nova, Outré Island, is not quite that far gone.  At least, not yet! The workshop production, … Continue reading

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The Annotated Tour Diaries (Circa 2k2): Yeehaw

Woke up this morning a little worse for wear.  [Read: hung over!] We got to visit the Grand Ole Opry which was a treat.  Lots of memorabilia in the museum, lots of Minnie Pearl and Patsy Cline.  [Both of whom … Continue reading

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The Annotated Tour Diaries: Martha Stewart’s Favorite Wieners

Rawley’s hot dogs. The Rizl Dizl (real deal).  Buttered buns and the works–bacon, relish, mustard, sauerkraut. [Oh, and:  deep-fried.  heart-healthy?  Probably not so much.]  “The greatest hot dog in the world” according to Martha Stewart.  [ While rehearsing for the … Continue reading

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The Annotated Tour Diaries: Get Out Of Atlanta!

We rode into Atlanta thinking we were going to rule the school–two days free and nothing to do.  Wrong!  First, it was cold as balls.  Thirty-degree weather.  We checked in on Thursday night and I struck out on my own, … Continue reading

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The Annotated Tour Diaries: End of the Road

In keeping with “the challenge” I was poring over some old notebooks and found the diary I’d kept  from when I was traversing the Eastern and Southern United States on tour with a children’s theatre operation. So I will reprint … Continue reading

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College Diaries: On Mushrooms and Memory

I have been issued a challenge of sorts in the comments, to write more about drinking, drugs and parties.  The problem with writing on those topics is that, well, the partaking in the aforementioned tends to erode the memory.  Also, … Continue reading

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The Vacation Diaries: Klowning Around

I was in my friend Sally’s car, speeding towards our designated meeting place, a house in North Hollywood, when she turned to me:  “You should have a clown name ready, just in case they ask you. They’ll probably ask you.” … Continue reading

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