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Tin (Ear) Machine: The Attempt to Craft the ‘Ideal’ Bowie Song

In today’s intersection of David Bowie and science, Dr. Nick Troop, an expert in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, analyzed the lyrics and chart positions of every Bowie song and album to craft what might be the ultimate, the … Continue reading

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Is There Ice On Mars?

Elated scientists probing the arctic surface of Mars with their newly landed Phoenix spacecraft said Saturday they are convinced they have found a bright and shiny layer of genuine ice only inches beneath the Martian soil and directly under the … Continue reading

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Crazy Cat Lady to Torment You to the Grave (Then Spit On It)

Congratulations crazy cat ladies! (And crazy cat gays!) You may outlive us all, says science. “And new research suggests the benefits of cat ownership may even go beyond pain relief. According to the study, presented Thursday at the American Stroke … Continue reading

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We Are All Going To Die…

In a few billion years or so. Because, according to this site, “the slim chance our planet will survive when the Sun begins its death throes has been ruled out.” Some scientists thought maybe earth would pull through, but then … Continue reading

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Space Cockroach Invasion Watch

I hate cockroaches. Growing up in Florida they were all over, and not the little ones that scurry around in the corners of New York apartments. The big fuckers. Call them water bugs or palmetto bugs if that appellation makes … Continue reading

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Clowning Around

File under: No shit. A UK study concluded that decorating children’s hospital wards with clown imagery could backfire. Ya think?! Clowns. Are. Scary. Said one researcher, “”We found that clowns are universally disliked by children. Some found them quite frightening … Continue reading

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