Tin (Ear) Machine: The Attempt to Craft the ‘Ideal’ Bowie Song

In today’s intersection of David Bowie and science, Dr. Nick Troop, an expert in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, analyzed the lyrics and chart positions of every Bowie song and album to craft what might be the ultimate, the “ideal” Bowie song:  “Team, Meet Girls; Girls, Meet Team.”  (Warning, the video begins all lecturey, so do not attempt to rock out until around the 4:30 mark.) But does it actually out-Bowie Bowie?  Let’s watch and learn.

Instant Verdict: It might sit alright on Bowie’s eponymous first album or on Hours.., where he attempted to unseat Sting as the adult contemporary king, but it’s no instant classic. No matter how alien Bowie fancied himself, he still had soul (however plastic).  And even his most coke-fueled lyrics weren’t this hippy-dippy bananas.

Maybe Placebo needs a new single, though, professor?  [Filter]

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1 Response to Tin (Ear) Machine: The Attempt to Craft the ‘Ideal’ Bowie Song

  1. jkessler725 says:

    Boo! You really just can’t make Bowie better.

    Speaking of David and science, did you know that they’ve named a newly discovered yellow spider after him?


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