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The Rock-afire Explosion Revival

Maybe the best thing to happen to parents in the ’80s is that they had the option to move their kids’ birthday parties from the confines of their homes and backyards to entertainment meccas like ShowBiz Pizza Place, which had … Continue reading

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Blog & Chain

From the opening line of Rolling Stone’s review of the new Martha Wainwright Album, I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too: “Part of Martha Wainwright’s charm lies in her Tourette’s-like impulse to overshare.” Ugh. That makes it sound … Continue reading

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Meme Convergence

Have you recently found you’ve been broadsided by pieces about blogs and oversharing bloggers (Emily Gould) alongside reactions to actresses who sing (Scarlett Johansson) every time you peruse the internet? Well, lucky. Because your two favorite memes have converged into … Continue reading

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Peace, Love, and a Nine Millimeter

Listen, I hate a drum circle about as much as anyone can, but I don’t suppose I’d ever resort to violence, as was the case at Seattle’s Folklife Festival where a fracas between two attendees led to a shot being … Continue reading

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Sad (Space) Clown

At long last, some videos of forgotten 70’s gay glam rocker Jobriath have been uploaded to YouTube. Initially marketed to be the American version of Bowie, (though a Bowie if he stuck to sticking it to dudes), he ended up … Continue reading

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Girls Afoul

According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” reached #2 on the UK charts, which may be why the spawned-from-reality-television Brit pop group Girls Aloud would even know the song/decide to cover it. It comes off like a very spirited … Continue reading

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A Hunger Strike Would Be In Poor Taste…

Carpenters fans are outraged that the duo’s former home — featured on the cover of their 1973 album “Now & Then” — is in danger of being torn down by the current owners. “This house is our version of Graceland,” … Continue reading

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Music Makes the People Come Together

Certainly some would categorize music as an aphrodisiac, a mood enhancer when one wants to get down to the business of making sweet love. Or ya know, to drown out the fucking so you don’t annoy your roommates. But who … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Mondays

On this day in 1983, poor Karen Carpenter died from cardiac arrest brought on by her anorexia. What better way to pay tribute than to watch Todd Haynes’ meticulously crafted, Barbie-doll-enacted, cult biopic of the singer’s life — Superstar: The … Continue reading

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To piggy-back on a post my sister wrote, I’m a slave to the iTunes. Lately, the near mention of something song-related and I’m off to the site like Pavlov’s dog. Recently I read about a concert version of Chess in … Continue reading

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Ringleader of the Tormentors: Working for Morrissey May Be a Drag

Being a roadie, er, “assistant road manager” for the notoriously finicky Morrissey isn’t just about slogging gear and managing travel schedules. No, it might also include anything from hiding any traces of meat to Febreezing shirts, all the while avoiding … Continue reading

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It Can’t Come Quickly Enough

Um, I’m kinda so geeked about the potential of this idea that I don’t really know how to process and can’t really be blasé-snarky about it. Take one’s favorite band (the Scissor Sisters) and combine with one’s favorite series of … Continue reading

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