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Marc Spitz and His New Bowie Biography

Oh, so that’s what he’s been up to!  Quite excellent music journalist (and sometime playwright) Marc Spitz has written a new biography on David Bowie. In his introduction, Spitz answers the question you probably just asked in your head, “why … Continue reading

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Ephemera: Forgotten Bookmarks

If you are the kind of person who frequently acquires your reading material from libraries and used book stores, as I am, likely you find, stuck between the pages of your recent acquisition, random scraps that have served as the … Continue reading

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Joel Grey Uses His Camera Phone For Making Art, Not Sexting

Cell phone cameras.  Not just for taking pictures of your junk to send when you’re sexy texting.  (Or at least not only.)  Those low-grade images can also be art.  Diminutive actor and photo hobbyist Joel Grey has just published a … Continue reading

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For When You Want to Share Your Dream Cast of a Mary Higgins Clark Book With the Internet

Paul Constant at the Slog does not think much of Storycasting, the site where you can play casting director with your favorite books.  “What a weird, unnecessary little website”  he says. Which is not untrue!  But then:  welcome to the … Continue reading

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A Swift Kick to the Nuts Might Do

On the matter of the current crop of “It” Lit boys and why they can only churn out flaccid prose comes an alternate solution, this from Powell’s blog: We could also up the ante a bit. Today, for instance, a … Continue reading

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Just Askin’…Superhero Lit

Are superhero novels the new chick lit? Or assistant lit? Or the new [insert lit trend here]? First there was Austin Grossman’s Soon I Will Be Invincible, now there’s Perry Moore’s Hero. (Technically, Moore’s book falls in the teen lit … Continue reading

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