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What If Gaga Was One Of Us? Just a Slob Like One Of Us?

Here is a short, amusing video by Australia’s Hungry Beast which answers the question, “What if Lady Gaga walked among us, but without…The Fame?” [Towleroad]

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Writers/Aspiring Writers/The Functionally Literate

Reply to: Date: 2009-05-12, 4:10PM EDT Do you consider yourself a Seinfeldian observer of minutiae? Are you passionate about meaningless things?  Can you at least fake it? Are you an aspiring writer or blogger?  Are you eager to see … Continue reading

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TV Eye: ‘Eastbound & Down’

Is it a truism  now that the times you ignore your email are when an email you should read arrives?  Let’s go with that premise because, when I did finally notice I had a new message, confirming my place on … Continue reading

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Clips: The Dick Cheney Show

Of Note:  here is a clip of deposed ogre Richard “Dick” Cheney set to the “Benny Hill Show” theme.  True fact, Cheney  injured himself chasing nubile girls, but unlike Hill, he was trying to absorb their souls to replenish his … Continue reading

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Headshot Hilarity

Impressions count, which is why you would probably not have a business card printed in Comic Sans font with an embossed unicorn, say (unless you are “30 Rock” character Cathy Geiss).  It is in this vein that it always amuses/horrifies … Continue reading

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Boudoir Lulz

This site — — is sooo very NSFW, but it does provide a service of sorts, namely calling out those who photograph their nudie hook-up images without a passing thought to their surroundings. Seriously, geighs, art direct that shot … Continue reading

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Her Name Is Dame Delilah

The droll and potty-mouthed Kerry Kenney-Silver (“Reno 911”; “The State”; Cake Like) throws her hat in the ring of online funny with Dame Delilah’s Fantasy Ranch & Gift Shoppe. It is as cracked out a website as you would hope, … Continue reading

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Steampunk, a Definition

Meh, say what you will, I’d still kinda like a laptop with those old timey typewriter keys. [via]

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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (When I Hold My Cigarette To Your Face)

The cigarette tax in New York City was raised again, bringing the price of a pack to a number so ungodly I cannot bear to type it. The powers that be hope the increased tariff will finally get everyone to … Continue reading

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Kids ruin Everything

Being a homosexual, I am not constrained by the societal norms to pro-create.  And, although many of my gay brethren are fathering children, I am still undecided when it comes to my desire to be a dad. I think I … Continue reading

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Headline Zingers!

image [via Joe. My. God.]

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LOLgays: Merv Griffin Has the Last Laugh

Game show innnovator, talk show host, raconteur and old school LOLgay Merv Griffin has been drawing quite a crowd to the L.A. cemetery where he lies interred, his tombstone bearing an epitaph in the style of  the kicky and oh-so Borscht Belt zingers he deployed in … Continue reading

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