Monkey on My Finger

Hello ephemerist loyalists! It’s LA Jay! It seems that I am going to be taking over posting tidbits while your fearless blogger takes some time to do what he needs to do. I am not in the gossip business, so I don’t want to speculate on why The Ephemerist needed some time off, but what I will say is that I hope he is having a good time and tell Kirsten Dunst, Eva Mendes, and Amy Winehouse I said Hello!

Now, for those of you who don’t know…I am a queer man making his way in the world today. I call LA home and spend the time outside of my car doing theatre and recovering from the occasional alcoholic bender. I am addicted to Project Runway and the Golden Girls- yes, I am that Gay.

What can you look forward to during my time here? A rehashing of the same digital crap that is making the rounds on the internets, but it will have my very special LA Jay take on it.

Now you may ask, “What does this picture have to do with anything I have just written?” and the answer is – absolutely nothing. I googled LA Jay and this is the first image that came up. And since I am well aware of the Ephermist’s love of monkeys, I found it very appropriate. And I am going to look at it as a reminder-ya know how some people tie string around their fingers to remember to do things? I am mentally going to tie a monkey around mine to remember: Be a good guest blogging host!

About lajay

crazy kid living it up in L.A.
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4 Responses to Monkey on My Finger

  1. cindy e. says:

    I love you, LAJay. And I love your monkey. But you already knew that, didn’tcha?

  2. lajay says:

    Cindy, I do know your affection for my monkey. Well, I think I can remember it. college is such a haze anymore.

  3. Bucco says:

    thanks my friend.Gut post. Seo Yar??mas?

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