For the rest of the week I’ll be taking a blogiday from Ephemerist. Besieged by winter doldrums (except for today when it was like WTF 65 degrees) and needing to finish some other projects and attend to minutiae that’s eluded me lately, I’m out to do just that. (Though probably I’ll just catch up on my Netflix and Tumbleblog myself into oblivion. Who knows!)

But! Through a means of cajoling that is sometimes also referred to as bribery, my friend L.A. Jay will be taking the reins and providing whatever delicious content he sees fit, sharing his views from the warmer, lefter coast. He earned his blogging bona fides on our previous collaboration, the bi-coastal, now defunct site The Operator, in addition to his being an all-around excellent creative type and quite the gadabout.

All opinions expressed for the duration of the week are his, but as we share many of the same friends, once shared a house, and at times share the same brain, it’s safe to say I probably agree with whatever he posits.

At some point he will appear, bearing intellectual nuggets and canny insights. Do give him a warm welcome.

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