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I Want You to Draw Me Like One of Your French Bloggers

There is only so much internet one can read in a day (or month or lifetime you guys), so I’m late to discover these Blogger Portraits by Danny Roberts which, as the title implies, are portraits.  Of bloggers  Yes.  They … Continue reading

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Meme Convergence

Have you recently found you’ve been broadsided by pieces about blogs and oversharing bloggers (Emily Gould) alongside reactions to actresses who sing (Scarlett Johansson) every time you peruse the internet? Well, lucky. Because your two favorite memes have converged into … Continue reading

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I Can Haz Repose?

Oh my wha? Well, the intersection on the venn diagram of bloggers and cat owners has met here in this product: The Kit-in Box. As one who is only responsible for the well-being of my plants (Two! Still alive!), flora … Continue reading

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Linkage: Handicapping the Tony Awards

Over at Modern Fabulousity, the handicapping of the upcoming Tony Award nominations continues apace, now tackling the prized competition of Best Musical and Best Revival of a Musical. So? Betting odds on original musical favor Passing Strange and In The … Continue reading

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I Am Weary Let Me Rest

ZOMG. I just spent the last twelve years watching the Oscars (aka the Gay Super Bowl) and I want some, like, credit for my participation. Could that production have been any more taxing? I think I might have preferred that … Continue reading

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Monkey on My Finger

Hello ephemerist loyalists! It’s LA Jay! It seems that I am going to be taking over posting tidbits while your fearless blogger takes some time to do what he needs to do. I am not in the gossip business, so … Continue reading

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For the rest of the week I’ll be taking a blogiday from Ephemerist. Besieged by winter doldrums (except for today when it was like WTF 65 degrees) and needing to finish some other projects and attend to minutiae that’s eluded … Continue reading

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Ashtrays to Ashtrays

Punk novelist and poet Dennis Cooper — whose book “Frisk” you may remember was made into a movie featuring Parker Posey and a pre-transgendered Alexis Arquette — is blogging about ashtrays. The internet is wondrous. [via WOW]

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Talking Turkey

Missing that singular, Balkian voice from the days of Gawker ’07 (okay, technically ’06-07)? Well, read the hilarious piece at Radar “Wild Turkey 101.” The liver-pickled humor continues apace. Or just follow along daily on Tumblr.

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We Are All Gossip Bloggers Now

Pulling a reverse-TMZ, “Access Hollywood” — they of the televised celebrity arse-lickery — will be boosting their online presence (read: gossip blogging). Of course the Times went to omnipresent blogger and celebrity schadenfreudist Perez Hilton (nee Mario Lavandeira) for comment: … Continue reading

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Ephemerist Year in Review

As the sands of Time sift through the glass and old man 2007 totters off to oblivion to be replaced by the mewling infant that is 2008, one has the opportunity to reflect on the 365 days past, more specifically … Continue reading

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The Gawker Ouroboros

So, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton is going to be stepping in as the new managing editor of his flagship site while it transitions to a more newsy format? Wha? Reactions (so far): YM; Big Head DC; Fimoculous Developing! Into … Continue reading

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