The Ephemerist Lexicon: Hairc*nt

haircunt.jpgEarlier I mentioned the term “haircunt” in reference to the preening, pretentious souls whose wounded demeanor and overly-sensitive swagger is tinged with a shade of condescension. An art fag for the Aughts, as it were. Herein the definition (with help from my friend and former salon employee Jules):

haircunt (hâr’knt)
n.) an image conscious hipster who spends more money on hair cuts and styling products than necessary in an atempt to look as though they use no hair product at all; a look that is, to borrow from Bowie “unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed.” The same effect could be accomplished by not bathing for a month. Male haircunts tend to accentuate their presentation with guyliner and mancake.

See: the MisShapes (pictured); Pete Wentz; countless riders of the L train; most everyone from Gawker’s Blue States Lose

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4 Responses to The Ephemerist Lexicon: Hairc*nt

  1. ephemerist says:

    ZOMG! You are so right. He is the exemplar of the gay subset of haircunts.
    Also: Fast Hugs, I’m a fan of your blog. And your (now occasional) pithy Gawker comments.

  2. jellykean says:

    It’s hairc*nt punch Monday!

  3. ephemerist says:

    @jK: Whee! punch a haircunt.

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