Come One, Come All

Over at the amazing “Vintage Ads” I came across this picture for the off-Broadway musical “Let My People Come.” Wow 70’s, you were so fucked up and so free!


According to WFMU’s Beware of the Blog (where you can download mp3s): ‘”Let My People Come,” helpfully subtitled “A Sexual Musical,” premiered January 8, 1974, and sexual freedom reigned for 106 explicit performances.”

With songs like “Come In My Mouth,” “Give It to Me” and “I Believe My Body” it strikes that perfect balance of 70’s hedonism tempered with the touchy-feely, I’m-okay-you’re-okay-ness of the decade. It’s like the musical “Hair” molested the “Free to Be…You and Me” album and this was the byproduct.

Regardless, I smell a musical desperately in need of a revival! And I really want a Quaalude for some reason.

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One Response to Come One, Come All

  1. Hi,
    I’m Earl Wilson, Jr, composer/lyricist of Let My People Come. I not only agree with you that the musical ought to be revived…we’re doing it. We are working on a Party version of it which we have begun to show to industry pros. We will be finishing up a limited engagement this Saturday at The Ritz Bar in NYC. This brief experiment proved to us that the show is still as hot as ever. We’ll be workshopping it and continuing to prepare the final version over the Summer. Thanks for your interest.
    Earl Wilson, Jr.

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