Maybe He Was Drunk

cs.jpgGoing to a friend’s place in Brooklyn; it’s early evening but the streets are relatively empty. Coming towards me on the sidewalk is an older man, bearded, on crutches. He doesn’t look raggedy homeless, he’s decently dressed. I’ve got my 75 cent cup of deli coffee in hand and have just lit up an American Spirit. We’re about parallel on the sidewalk when I can feel him appraising me. “Coffee and a cigarette. Who’s better than you?” he barks. I hesitate, then stammer “uh, nobody I guess? Nobody’s better than me?” before carrying on. What is the appropriate response to that statement?

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4 Responses to Maybe He Was Drunk

  1. Thattaboy. Nobody’s better than you. Nobody. Especially not a mean old man on crutches asking impertinent questions.

  2. Jane says:

    You are, sir, but at least I’m not on crutches!

  3. ephemerist says:

    @Jane: That is a response, indeed.

  4. jellykean says:

    Did he try to give you a dollar? ‘What you’re too good for money?!’

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