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The Annotated Tour Diaries: Get Out Of Atlanta!

We rode into Atlanta thinking we were going to rule the school–two days free and nothing to do.  Wrong!  First, it was cold as balls.  Thirty-degree weather.  We checked in on Thursday night and I struck out on my own, … Continue reading

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The Annotated Tour Diaries: End of the Road

In keeping with “the challenge” I was poring over some old notebooks and found the diary I’d kept  from when I was traversing the Eastern and Southern United States on tour with a children’s theatre operation. So I will reprint … Continue reading

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Nightmares Revisited

Pictured is a still from the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street, a film being remade as part of whatever evil bargain was struck wherein every cartoon, game, clothing trend and entertainment property from the 1980s is being developed by one … Continue reading

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All In the Family

You can leave Florida, but you can’t always leave Florida behind. Something happens if you spend too much time in the Sunshine State, an almost imperceptible warping. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. There’s always something there to remind … Continue reading

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