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I Had a Meme, a Meme About You, Baby

To truly succeed now, a thing, or “brand” — however the hell you commodify an entertainment property (or entertainer) — should find a way to infiltrate all avenues of popular culture.  See, for instance,  I Can Has Cheezburger:  The MusicLOL … Continue reading

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Mel & El: ‘It’s Like Laverne and Shirley with Curse Words’

The award-winning duo of Melanie Adelman and Ellie Dvorkin are back with Mel & El:  Show and Tell, a new comedy with music starting in May.  Amidst rehearsals, the pair was happy to answer questions about the new show via … Continue reading

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Noted and Quoted: Bret Easton Ellis Will Brook No Jazz Hands

“It’s a rock musical, with like a band. It’s like a multimedia rave situation. It’s not like a straight-ahead Broadway musical with guys in Armani suits doing jazz hands with an old-style score. It’s like a concert, in a way. … Continue reading

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Gimme Down to There Hair

Here is one of those wonderful  items that publicists like to plant to create “buzz” for a show.   It is to be taken with a grain of salt, but it does involve pubic wigs, so. IT’S the real thing when … Continue reading

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Biff! Bam! Pow! Can Superheroes Save Broadway?

With word that Mel Brooks’ musical Young Frankenstein is closing right after the new year, insiders are betting that Spider-Man, the Julie Taymor-directed adaptation of the popular comic book hero, budgeted at close to 40 million, might fill the vacancy … Continue reading

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Bloodbath on Wall Street: The Musical!

But not the one occurring right this minute (though who wouldn’t want to hear Henry Paulson’s 11 o’clock  number?).   In a canny/terrible move, producers have secured the rights to adapt bad-boy author Brett Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho for … Continue reading

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Marry Me a Little

The plan Saturday was to see an early showing of Sex and the City: The Movie, a) because of my love/hate relationship with the series, seeing it that early would mitigate my chance of running into someone I knew, and … Continue reading

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Linkage: Handicapping the Tony Awards

Over at Modern Fabulousity, the handicapping of the upcoming Tony Award nominations continues apace, now tackling the prized competition of Best Musical and Best Revival of a Musical. So? Betting odds on original musical favor Passing Strange and In The … Continue reading

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So, the Pasadena Playhouse production of the musical Mask (mentioned earlier) was reviewed in Variety. And while the critic doesn’t out-and-out call it a disappointment, it certainly wasn’t a rave. But worse, those prosthetics! If a picture’s worth a thousand … Continue reading

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Broadway ‘Tales’

So that Tales of the City musical that was maybe being by crafted by Jeff Whitty and Scissor Sister Jake Shears? Campbell Robertson of the Times reports that the project is gaining momentum, with director Jason Moore attached and producers … Continue reading

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Hopefully Never Coming to Broadway

Phew! Casting is complete for the musical version of Mask, premiering at the Pasadena Playhouse. No, not The Mask, the zoot-suited Jim Carey vehicle which foisted Cameron Diaz upon the cinematic world; Mask, the one where Cher was a devoted … Continue reading

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Oh Randy

With all the focus on the WGA strike there’s another entertainment union fracas that’s fallen by the wayside, this one involving Actors’ Equity and Randy Quaid. The actor — brother of Dennis, Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Vacation flicks — … Continue reading

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