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I Was a Teenage Game Show Contestant

My freshman year of high school, I was a contestant on “Nick Arcade.”  The game show, filmed at Universal Studios Orlando, which was located conveniently and directly across the street from my school, was no “Double Dare,” but it had … Continue reading

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TV Eye: ‘Kings’ Is Dead

NBC’s “Kings” wrapped up its first season this weekend, and also the entirety of its run.  The oft-lopsided but ultimately quite creative (certainly for a network drama), eminently well-acted show, was at one point put on hiatus, then returned to … Continue reading

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TV Eye: AbFab On Our Shores

There is nothing new under the sun; all tales have already been told; etc. and so on.  Which is why on the teevee they are always taking old yarns and making them a-fresh, like this picture (left) based on The … Continue reading

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TV Eye: ‘Eastbound & Down’

Is it a truism  now that the times you ignore your email are when an email you should read arrives?  Let’s go with that premise because, when I did finally notice I had a new message, confirming my place on … Continue reading

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TV Eye: The Death of the Prime Time Network Drama? Meh.

If you keep up with such things, you know that NBC just deployed some sort of programming nuclear option, installing  Jay Leno in the 10PM timeslot on weeknights.  (The upshot?  Your parents can get to bed earlier.) The move must … Continue reading

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Fashion Tyranny Prevents Actress the Spoils of Fame

One would think that being on a critically-acclaimed television show, the attendant perks would be easy to come by.  The free swag should flow like the river Jordan.  But!  The fashion industry can be arbitrary, petty and tyrannical it seems.  … Continue reading

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Advanced Screenings: Lifetime’s ‘Coco Chanel’

Expecting a Lifetime Original Movie to not play like a Lifetime Original Movie is a recipe for disappointment, the thing cannot be other than it is.  And such is the case with the upcoming “Coco Chanel.”  But that does not … Continue reading

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Pad Fad! Toxins In Foot Gunk Debunked!

Because I am fascinated with As-Seen-On-TV products, and because I am a product of my culture, believing that I need not have to actually alter my lifestyle to have a healthier life, I was fascinated by the Kinoki Detox Foot … Continue reading

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Can Jonathan Ames Save HBO?

It seems that Bored to Death, a script by author, pugilist and raconteur Jonathan Ames, has been green-lit by HBO. The comedy is about “a Brooklyn writer who nurses a painful breakup by acting out his dream to live as … Continue reading

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Pondering the State of ‘State of Play’

I finally finished watching the taut, thrilling BBC mini-series State of Play and can’t recommend it enough. One reviewer said it’s “an excellent, intelligent, grown-up drama about a murky, and very real, world.” Political scandal with requisite mistress! Boozy journalists! … Continue reading

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A Gay Hero? Super!

It is being reported that Hero, the novel by Perry Moore about the world’s first gay superhero, is going to make its way to television. It is a book I read and enjoyed thoroughly, being that I like both superheroes … Continue reading

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A Year In Cranford

I’ve finally finished watching the third part of Cranford online and oof! That did me in. There was weeping, and there was joy! If you missed it, you can catch it here or on DVD. Though I fancy them, I’m … Continue reading

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