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This Thing So Does NOT Look Like That Thing: Club 57

[Left:  a photo of some of the arty gadabouts of the original Club 57, an East Village hangout, performance space and party spot hosted by performance art den mother Ann Magnuson, which featured acts like John Sex, Klaus Nomi and … Continue reading

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Latest Witch Hunt for Cartoon Homosexuals Snares Tintin

Because many animated characters are skilled at hiding their sexuality (though some not.  Hi, Snagglepuss!), it is important that we have diligent journalists to expose the truth.  The latest cartoon closet case?  That little blonde twink Tintin. At least, according … Continue reading

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Boudoir Lulz

This site — — is sooo very NSFW, but it does provide a service of sorts, namely calling out those who photograph their nudie hook-up images without a passing thought to their surroundings. Seriously, geighs, art direct that shot … Continue reading

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I Wish I Knew How to Quote You

Curmudgeonly former mayor and film critic Ed Koch filed his review for The Dark Knight and he did NOT like it one bit. After grousing about how he can’t get a seat at an early afternoon showing of a film … Continue reading

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A Gay Hero? Super!

It is being reported that Hero, the novel by Perry Moore about the world’s first gay superhero, is going to make its way to television. It is a book I read and enjoyed thoroughly, being that I like both superheroes … Continue reading

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Sad (Space) Clown

At long last, some videos of forgotten 70’s gay glam rocker Jobriath have been uploaded to YouTube. Initially marketed to be the American version of Bowie, (though a Bowie if he stuck to sticking it to dudes), he ended up … Continue reading

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Author Josh Kilmer-Purcell Outs His BF (and Martha Stewart is Complicit)

Memoirist Josh Kilmer-Purcell has always been coy as to the identity of his longtime boyfriend, who he only referred to in various missives as “B.” Now, the elusive “B.” has been outed, by the author himself. Not that it was … Continue reading

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Gay Leno

Once again gay playwright Jeff Whitty was forced to take time out of his busy schedule — he’s penning the book to musical adaptation of Tales of the City, doncha know –to confront insensitive late night blabber Jay Leno on … Continue reading

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Tony! Tony! Tony!

Attention all you Broadway geighs, esteemed and imminently knowledgeable blogger ModFab has begun to handicap the all-important Tony Awards nomination race. This week he’s focusing on the play categories, new and revival. No surprises in the frontrunner for best new … Continue reading

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TV Eye: Lord of the Wigs

Because I’m a masochist, I persist in watching “Lipstick Jungle” and gnashing my teeth throughout. And wowsers, did anyone catch legendary playwright and performer Charles Busch appearing as a snitty fashion designer? Was that hairpiece an homage to The Lord … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Mondays

On this day in 1983, poor Karen Carpenter died from cardiac arrest brought on by her anorexia. What better way to pay tribute than to watch Todd Haynes’ meticulously crafted, Barbie-doll-enacted, cult biopic of the singer’s life — Superstar: The … Continue reading

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It Can’t Come Quickly Enough

Um, I’m kinda so geeked about the potential of this idea that I don’t really know how to process and can’t really be blasé-snarky about it. Take one’s favorite band (the Scissor Sisters) and combine with one’s favorite series of … Continue reading

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