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Parismonkey Gets No Reprieve From Jail

If you need context, here. Sigh. [LOLmonkey created at LolCat Builder]

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LOLmonkeys: It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Fellow blogeur and Photoshop savant Jane Gavin sent me the following LOLmonkeys with the missive, “I’m all over this,” so I’m more than happy to post them. Merci, Jane, for your dedication to the LOLmonkey cause. Also, these are hi-larious! … Continue reading

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LOLmonkeys: T’ai Chi

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Monkeyblogging: LOLmonkeys

“Teh internets” have gone LOLcrazy! With the rampant success of I Can Has Cheezburger, there’s LOLeverything: LOLgays,LOLpresidents, even LOLporn (sooo very NSFW). As much as I love my caturdays, I love me some monkeys more, and want scads of LOLmonkeys … Continue reading

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Monkeyblogging: You Take the Good, You Take the Bad…

As I continue to write here I’ve been meaning to delve into the navel gaze-y, niche style of blogging where I obsess over the inanities of life, like hairblogging, or catblogging, but sadly I don’t own an pet and I … Continue reading

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