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They Get Letters! From Prison!

Who knew club kid-cum-killer Michael Alig was a crossword aficionado?  Apparently so!  He penned a letter to Time Out New York, lamenting the loss of the magazine’s puzzle.  “It’s the smartest crossword puzzle I’ve ever seen!” the magazine quotes from … Continue reading

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For the Record…

The forthcoming memoir from geriatric, flatulent, suspendered, non-internet using TV host Larry King will be titled What Am I Doing Here? It hits on so many levels that I couldn’t even write a funnier one if I tried. (Though Jeff … Continue reading

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For What ‘It’ Is Worth

This week the nation was blindsided by the news of the death of Hollywood heartthrob Heath Ledger, while all bettors had tabloid staples Britney “multiple personality” Spears and Amy “crack” Winehouse in their death scope. Ledger, whatever the cause of … Continue reading

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J.K. Livin’

In his “Media Ink” column, Keith Kelly discuses the “new trend in magazine publishing: Put the word “living” at the end of a magazine’s title and enter the shelter category.” The latest to roll out is Men’s Health Living, an … Continue reading

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The perusing of this week’s issue of New York magazine yielded a piece in the “Storefront” section called “Ugly Shoes: A Brief History.” Good idea, right? Why do people indulge in such senselessly ugly footwear? (Full disclosure: I own a … Continue reading

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Responding to the Response — Choking on ‘Serviam’

Remember how last week I discussed Serviam, the People magazine of private security contractors? And then Gawker picked it up? Well guess who else had his eye on the blogosphere — the editor of Serviam J. Michael Waller. He writes … Continue reading

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Soldier of Fortune 2.0?

Move over Soldier of Fortune, there’s a new mercenary magazine that needs room on the convenience store racks next to Field and Stream and that well-thumbed copy of Barely Legal. Serviam (Latin for “I will serve”) caters to a kinder, … Continue reading

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I Choose The Rooms That I Live In With Care

So by now anyone who follows the Manhattan media game and the jostling of old media vs. new media has read New York magazine’s assessment of the Gawker phenomenon. It’s been covered ad nauseum on the internets, so I’m not … Continue reading

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