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Dowdy and Vulgar

Is it just me, or does fashion designer and “Project Runway” judge Michael Kors sound like (in pitch and lilt) Martin Short’s corpulent, celebrity-interviewing character Jiminy Glick? Think about it.

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This Is Going To Be My Month, I Can Feel It

So, I’ve totally become addicted to Astrology Zone. I just checked my horoscope and omg, this it totally going to be my month! I don’t know why I’ve become so astrology-addicted of late. I used to always scan my horoscope … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Outfit

So, everyone seems to love reality shows. And makeovers! My pitch: Last Night’s Outfit. Say you were out drinking until all hours, you pick up a last call booty call, end up at his/her place, but oh no, you have … Continue reading

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Or, Goodbye To All That For A Week Or So. Just a heads up that I’ll be holed away in a compound in upstate New York with little connectivity, ergo, I won’t be on the in-tard-webs 24/7. Lest you think … Continue reading

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Divining My Current State Of Mind Via iTunes

Should you be tempted to assess the current state of my mental decline, or just wonder how my musical tastes are skewing these days, below are the five most recent songs I purchased on iTunes: 1) Sparrow — Simon & … Continue reading

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Won’t You Come Out and Play With Me?

In a fit of boozy nostalgia, I went searching for a clip of Martika singing “Toy Soldiers”– for you young’uns, its a song Eminem sampled. So, to the internets! Success! Not only did I find the aforementioned song, but good … Continue reading

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There is a battle raging deep in my soul, one that threatens to rend asunder my long-held aesthetic identity: I want a pair of Crocs. Yes, the ubiquitous footwear, which come in every shade of hideous and make Birkenstocks look … Continue reading

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Bad Jokes

Don’t know why, but these terrible jokes have been running through my head all weekend. Did I hear them somewhere? Did I coin them? Who knows! But I’m exorcising them here. Q: Why did the witch take a break from … Continue reading

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Monkeyblogging: You Take the Good, You Take the Bad…

As I continue to write here I’ve been meaning to delve into the navel gaze-y, niche style of blogging where I obsess over the inanities of life, like hairblogging, or catblogging, but sadly I don’t own an pet and I … Continue reading

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