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Camelflage! For a Sleeker, Smoother, Uh…

Ladies, I would not presume to speak at you about your undergarment needs.  (I do not even like to utter the word panty.)  But there is a website and a product out there that needs mentioning, and it is selling … Continue reading

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Style Fail: Mantyhose

Remember when those fake tattoo sleeves came out and you were like ha ha, wow, awful!   It just got better (by which I mean utterly, horribly, inconceivably worse):  The Mantyhose. Pantyhose.  For Men.  “Why do men wear pantyhose?” the … Continue reading

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Fashion Tyranny Prevents Actress the Spoils of Fame

One would think that being on a critically-acclaimed television show, the attendant perks would be easy to come by.  The free swag should flow like the river Jordan.  But!  The fashion industry can be arbitrary, petty and tyrannical it seems.  … Continue reading

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Distracting Decolletage

It was worth slogging through the somnabulistic Emmy telecast to see “Mad Men” pick up the trophy for best drama.  (Basic cable pretty much pwned the networks for those keeping score at home.)  And also to see Christina Hendricks, aka … Continue reading

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Oy! I’ll Have a White Wine and this Skirt in a Size 2

Warning! If you’re the kind who indulges in some tipsy shopping, after brunch or a few too many martoonis, say, perhaps avoid “the Cleve,” or at least the M. Lang store. A Cleveland clothing store wants to make sure its … Continue reading

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Paul Pope Does DKNY

Paul Pope, comic book writer and artist and avowed libertarian, has contributed his work to a new line of clothing by DKNY. Weird synergy, but the images work, sort of in a neo-Stephen Sprouse kind of way — though a … Continue reading

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Abercrombie & Stitches

No good deed goes unpunished. Take wholesome American clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch, who donated $10 million dollars to an Ohio hospital. In a show of gratitude, the institution agreed to name the emergency department and trauma center after the … Continue reading

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Dowdy and Vulgar

Is it just me, or does fashion designer and “Project Runway” judge Michael Kors sound like (in pitch and lilt) Martin Short’s corpulent, celebrity-interviewing character Jiminy Glick? Think about it.

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