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College Diaries: On Mushrooms and Memory

I have been issued a challenge of sorts in the comments, to write more about drinking, drugs and parties.  The problem with writing on those topics is that, well, the partaking in the aforementioned tends to erode the memory.  Also, … Continue reading

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The Vacation Diaries: Klowning Around

I was in my friend Sally’s car, speeding towards our designated meeting place, a house in North Hollywood, when she turned to me:  “You should have a clown name ready, just in case they ask you. They’ll probably ask you.” … Continue reading

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Hanging Myself On The Telephone

For a few years, off and on when I needed to make money, I would sit in the basement of a brownstone in Brooklyn and answer phones, pretending to be other people. It wasn’t as exciting, or demeaning, as, say, … Continue reading

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The Hair Apparent

I’m trolling the city streets late in the afternoon, the summer air still heaving with humidity, the sun washing the streets in a golden splay. I’m hot, sweat beading on my forehead and dampening my armpits, but my stride is … Continue reading

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A Season In Coat Check

“Say, remember that episode of ‘Seinfeld’?  With George and the tip jar?”* I automatically winced every time I heard that reference. It was usually uttered, a bit too exuberantly, sometimes punctuated by a guffaw,  by a middle-aged gentleman — and … Continue reading

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In Which I Recall the Island of Misfit Toys

After much back and forth texting, I finally arranged to meet my friend Chris for coffee.  To discuss his impending acting stint at the Vineyard Playhouse on Martha’s Vineyard.  I had suggested getting together since I’d spent two summers working … Continue reading

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The Salamander

My taxes needed to be done, which meant another visit to the salamander, which is what I call the guy I entrust with my filings. I mean no disrespect, the man in question does not actually resemble a salamander, but … Continue reading

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