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Trend Forecasting: Mancake and the Efron Effect

Far be it from me to speak with certainty as to what occupies the minds of today’s youth, but I do spend enough (okay, way to much) time on the internets to gauge where their heads are at, and orange-tinted … Continue reading

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A Touch Of Crass

Gawd, this image, shamelessly borrowed from Lady Bunny‘s blog, sums up so accurately what I despise about our current celebrity culture. It reminds me of a discussion I had when my sister visited town this summer. We were at a … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories: Only the Good Die Young

With Lindsay Lohan’s latest drug-related kerfuffle and subsequent return to rehab (the hat trick!), our tabloid-crazed nation once again wonders what will become of her. Some speculate on how her legal woes will play out, and others wonder if Lohan … Continue reading

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Reason # 1,223 I Love Patty Hearst

Heiress, brainwashed guerilla, muse to John Waters, and now prisoner’s rights advocate. In a letter to TMZ, la Hearst addresses the pending incarceration of Paris Hilton: I must say that my heart goes out to the inmates of the Century … Continue reading

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Skin Deep

I’ve been suffering from terrible dry skin lately, not to mention breakouts. Like a dear friend recently lamented, “my mother told me my skin would clear up after high school. Liar!” So, after reading a stirring endorsement by none other … Continue reading

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R.I.P.: John Inman Is Camping It Up With the Angels

John Inman, the famously foppish English actor from “Are You Being Served?” died Thursday. Pour a cup of Pimm’s for our homo-acting homie.

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Terminator 4: Attack of the Lard Ass

Apparently, the Terminator’s new insidious plan to kill John Connor involves lung cancer and obesity. That boy doesn’t look like he could take on a treadmill, much less a cyborg.

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