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‘Life’ and How to Live It Up

Last night the Discovery Channel’s “Life,” the sequel, of sorts, to “Planet Earth,” premiered in New York. After introductory remarks by David M. Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Communications — “the #1 nonfiction media company!” A declaration made more than once! … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton’s Lady Junk Akin to a Luxury Good

In some sort of revisionist PR jujitsu, Paris Hilton is claiming she has only had sex with “a couple of people.” She cold fed that line to Glamour magazine, which didn’t even bother to dispute it.  “‘I think it’s important … Continue reading

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Do It For Love…and a Few Million Bucks

What sort of topsy-turvy world do we live in when bi-for-fame weblebrity Tila Tequila is doling out advice to rumored lebsian Lindsay Lohan? (Just the one we deserve, I’m tempted to believe.) Says the diminutive tease and former “Pants-Off Dance-Off” … Continue reading

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Meme Convergence

Have you recently found you’ve been broadsided by pieces about blogs and oversharing bloggers (Emily Gould) alongside reactions to actresses who sing (Scarlett Johansson) every time you peruse the internet? Well, lucky. Because your two favorite memes have converged into … Continue reading

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Say Cheesy

We all have embarrassing photographs from our past we’d rather never saw the light of day again, be it a hideous Glamour Shot from the mall or perhaps a mugshot from the county lock-up from that incident with the law … Continue reading

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For What ‘It’ Is Worth

This week the nation was blindsided by the news of the death of Hollywood heartthrob Heath Ledger, while all bettors had tabloid staples Britney “multiple personality” Spears and Amy “crack” Winehouse in their death scope. Ledger, whatever the cause of … Continue reading

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Appetite For Dysfunction

It’s hard to pick just one or two sentences to illustrate why I love Cintra Wilson’s “The Year in Fame” from Paper magazine, but here goes: If Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana were “candles in the wind,” Anna Nicole Smith … Continue reading

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Aniston! Aniston!

Green Bay prisoner Jevon Jackson wanted to affix to the wall of his cell a glossy portrait he’d ordered of Jennifer Aniston, the “Friends” star and celebrity divorcee with the winsome smile. Perhaps her radiant visage was a soothing balm … Continue reading

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Fred Armisen’s Dear John Letter

SNL cast member and former rock drummer Fred Armisen tells Paper Thin Walls the story of how he survived his awkward high school years: by corresponding with none other than filthy film director John Waters. I heard this movie director … Continue reading

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The Pooparazzi

There’s an old story that floats around the theater community concerning legendary performer Carol Channing and her bathroom habits, one which ends in the punchline “Corn?! I don’t remember eating corn.” But given a rising trend in celebrity-stalking, the tale … Continue reading

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Tiny Paps

Once again, the Times is on top of the latest trends, and this time it concerns teenage paparazzi. Blaine, 15, and his friend Austin, 14, just seem to love spending their nights stalking celebs outside L.A. hot spots. To which … Continue reading

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File Under: Interviewers Ask the Darndest Things

Reading a recent interview in Metrosource with comedian Laura Kightlinger, creator and star of the series “The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman,”I came across this ridiculous question. I recently saw you on an episode of Tenacious D from 1999 – … Continue reading

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