The Annotated Tour Diaries: Martha Stewart’s Favorite Wieners

Rawley’s hot dogs. The Rizl Dizl (real deal).  Buttered buns and the works–bacon, relish, mustard, sauerkraut. [Oh, and:  deep-fried.  heart-healthy?  Probably not so much.]  “The greatest hot dog in the world” according to Martha Stewart.  [ While rehearsing for the tour we were based in Connecticut–Milford to be exact–and had a vehicle at our disposal, sometimes.  Ana* had with her a copy of Eat Your Way Across the USA, figuring, rightly, that if we were going to be traversing these here United States, we might as well sample some of the best regional fare we could.  On a day off rehearsal we commandeered a van and make our pilgrimage to Rawley’s.]

Saw a lot of Martha Clones roll up into the place with their L.L. Bean hubbies and their SUVs.  The dogs were served by surly teenagers.  A sign above the take-out window read “This is not ‘fast’ food.”

Some hump in front of me was complaining that he’d been waiting for over twenty-five minutes to get his food, so the surly teen flipped the cardboard sign around to read “30 Min Wait.”

After eating, we went for a hike in the woods at Sleeping Giant State Park. Nature!   [How I did not gain any weight on this tour, what with our rigorous eating of barbecued and fried foods, is a miracle.  I miss when my metabolism was that jackrabbity.]

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