A Supposedly Fun Thing I’m Doing For the First Time

My friend Kimber is getting married.  On board a cruise ship. Then a slew of us are going to set sail with her for a five day tour. (A five day tour.)  With our port-of-call being in Mexico.  So!  Drinking and bingo and intestinal distress, here I come!  Updates will resume upon my return. (I know though, right?  Another break? I’m like the Nikki Finke of unpaid bloggers.)

In the interim, do glance over the “Best of Ephemerist” page, where all the posts on this blog have been scrutinized using a complicated metric to determine their essential best-ness,  the top ones then being culled and compiled so that you might reacquaint yourselves.  Experience, as they say, the magic all over again. (Your mileage may vary.)

If you need additional reading material after that do visit the following F.O.E. (Friends of Ephemerist) :  Sassafras Junction; Matthew Gallaway; Thanks for Sharing; The Awl; White Girl With a Fat Ass; or just click on any of the other links listed in the sidebar.  Bon Voyage!

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2 Responses to A Supposedly Fun Thing I’m Doing For the First Time

  1. 1) Thanks for the Shout Out! I love being your FOE and SOB (Sister/sibling of Blogger)!
    2) DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. Montezuma is pissed over Spain, still, what do you think he made of George W. Bush?!
    3) Call me and talk about last MadMen episode, kthnxbai.
    Bon Voyage, and congrats to Kimber!

  2. jellykean says:

    Have a great time! Can’t wait to compare weddings stories. and thanks for the shoutout.

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