Vineyard Views

south beach 2

Are you perhaps stuck inside an office today, rather than being say, at the beach?  Or the park?  Or really ANYWHERE ELSE?  I know I am!  And because I’m semi-obsessed with feeds from public cameras — “City Drive Live“! Still the best show/channel on New York cable! — I have been toggling back and forth between these stationary webcams featuring various points of interest (and maybe non-interest?) on Martha’s Vineyard, hosted on the Martha’s Vineyard Times website. It is a fun distraction.  You can even hope to spot the First Family on vacation.  (Hint:  you will not.)

Regardless, they are entrancing, like this camera at South Beach (image above), which I cannot be positive is even working.  But the still does vaguely resemble an Impressionist beach painting.  Even that is something, today.

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2 Responses to Vineyard Views

  1. I totally thought that was a painting or illustration until I read the body of your post.
    *sob!* I want to be back at the beach!!

    • ephemerist says:

      @Sorcia: Right? But it is a very wet camera lens on a weird strip of beach, with whatever the weather is doing at the moment. I kind of want to frame it! Also yes, take me to the shore with you, Plz and thanx.

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