Ephemera: Forgotten Bookmarks

familyIf you are the kind of person who frequently acquires your reading material from libraries and used book stores, as I am, likely you find, stuck between the pages of your recent acquisition, random scraps that have served as the previous owner or checker outer’s placeholder —  a receipt, or a ticket stub, a sticky note with a hastily jotted grocery list, maybe.  These weird fragments, these little artifacts of another person’s existence.  These scraps.  They illuminate something and yet nothing at all. They are mostly mundane trash, but specific trash from a specific individual.  I’m kind of fascinated by it.  Windows into strangers’ lives, and all that.

Anyway!  How wonderful is the site Forgotten Boomarks, a blog started by an employee at a used and rare bookstore, who posts these left behind and “personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things” that are found.  Do give it a look.

Forgotten Bookmarks [via Quiddity; Andrew Sullivan]

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