TV Eye: ‘Kings’ Is Dead


NBC’s “Kings” wrapped up its first season this weekend, and also the entirety of its run.  The oft-lopsided but ultimately quite creative (certainly for a network drama), eminently well-acted show, was at one point put on hiatus, then returned to the line-up to molder away in a Saturday night slot, which is part of the reason it attracted less viewers than the newest Keyboard Cat video.

Creator Michael Green has written an open letter on what went wrong (and sometimes right!) with the series, which is, to reiterate, not going to be saved.  So best to not start a campaign of sending dead butterflies to Jeff Zucker.  It seems that fearing reprisal from religious groups, NBC worked very hard to make sure their marketing of the show gave no hint that it was a modern tale based on the story of King David.  A counterintuitive approach, as such outreach might’ve, you know, cemented a loyal core audience, according to John Rogers: “After years of the cultural Right bitching and moaning about how Hollywood doesn’t provide for them, NBC could have gone to every evangelical church in America and said ‘We’re serializing the story of King David in a modern, very relatable way. Here you go, a multi-million dollar series, in prime time, based on a Bible story. You’re frikkin’ welcome.'”  Funny that.

Still. Green’s even-handed post-mortem is worth a read, should you be interested in how your teevee sausage gets made but sometimes not renewed.

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