For When You Want to Share Your Dream Cast of a Mary Higgins Clark Book With the Internet


Paul Constant at the Slog does not think much of Storycasting, the site where you can play casting director with your favorite books.  “What a weird, unnecessary little website”  he says. Which is not untrue!  But then:  welcome to the internet! It’s already cluttered with forking roads and distractions and trifles, so what’s one more?  Cubicle monkeys cannot live by keyboard cat clips alone. I suppose there must needs be these time wastery websites.  And boy howdy do people want to cast some Janet Evanovich and Jodi Picoult, though not so much James Purdy or Mary Gaitskill. Still! Maybe you want to be the first.  If, you know, you see the “the movie in your mind.”

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4 Responses to For When You Want to Share Your Dream Cast of a Mary Higgins Clark Book With the Internet

  1. All I want to cast is the TRIAL

  2. Jeff Reid says:

    Paul Constant notwithstanding, the site makes no claims for erudition or casting excellence – but it does fill a need of about 20%-30% of the readers out there. These folks have been doing this activity sans internet with most every book they read for years, and they are quite pleased with the site. The other 70% who don’t do this don’t know why you would. Mr. Constant et al have therefore merely self-identified which group they’re in… Over 100 authors have come on and cast their own stuff and then sent their fans (Pat Rothfuss was a biggie last November with “The Name of the Wind). A few authors have used it to collaborate with a producer or screenwriter, and there was recently an entire HS English class that all came on and cast Orwell’s “1984” – allowing educators to inject “movie fun” into books in order to engage students. Makes no money – it’s just for the fun of people who read books, like movies, and have an opinion, which may or may not resemble your readers here. :)

    • ephemerist says:

      @Jeff Reid: Hey, I’m on your side. The tone of my post was a bit cheeky, sure. But like I said, it’s something to do on the internet! And my agreeing (sort of not really) with that Constant quote about the website being unnecessary is the fact that like 90% of all of the INTERNET is unnecessary, honestly, in the comings and goings of life. And I did add the tag “I’ve totally played this game” because, well, I have. In my head. So yes, you are correct. And I like that it is being utilized by educators. I’m pro-reading! And pro-anything that gets kids to do so. (Also that Jodi Picoult thing is totally an inside joke.) I say if people enjoy or utilize your site, good for them.

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