Holiday Road: North Carolina Woman Dumps Aunt at Homeless Shelter On Way to Disney

lampoonBeverly Edwards, you just dumped your elderly aunt, who was in your care,  at a homeless shelter. What are you going to do now?  You are going to Disney World.  You crazy bitch you!

Edwards, whose scheme sounds like it was cribbed from a National Lampoon road trip film, “granny dumped” her aunt at the Salvation Army Center en route to Orlando’s vacation destination, and was not apparently planning to pick her up on the return trip, after enjoying a few whirls around on Space Mountain and maybe breakfast with Daisy Duck or whatnot.  But the old lady, see, she required too much, like food and I’m guessing she probably had medical expenses.  She was after all 96.  And have you been to Disney?  That is not a cheap vacation.  Edwards did a little math and was likely, “look y’all, if we ditch Aunt Ruth, we can use the money she was sponging off us for her PILLS and her CROSSWORD PUZZLE BOOKS and put that towards an extra day at Animal Kingdom.  All in favor?  Done deal, then.”

At least Edwards, who hails from North Carolina, waited to offload her aunt until they were in Florida, a state which knows a little something about the care of the elderly.  [Orlando Sentinel]

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3 Responses to Holiday Road: North Carolina Woman Dumps Aunt at Homeless Shelter On Way to Disney

  1. I read this horrified that perhaps it was going to be some of our relatives that perpetrated the crime. Phew.

  2. Also, love the new layout! Very snazzy.

  3. Melissa says:

    This ain’t Disney World!! This a parking lot!!
    This story gives this quote an all new context.

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