Tearjerkers: Caregiver Clarice Morant Tends to Her Sister

moran photo essay

You may have missed this heartbreaking photo essay about Clarice “Classie” Morant, who was the caregiver of her bed-ridden sister for over twenty years.  You’ll probably want to have some  tissue on hand before clicking through.  [Full Washington Post Magazine story here.]

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9 Responses to Tearjerkers: Caregiver Clarice Morant Tends to Her Sister

  1. OMG!! *sob* I will totally take care of you when you’re bed-ridden from your life of dissipation and hijinks!!!

  2. Porscha says:

    I wanted to say this story has really touched my heart and im am in tears as I watched and listen to the audio of aunt Rozzie’s passing . Ms. Clarice is my “Great” aunt from my father’s side which I have lost contact with and am in search of finding my family on my father’s side I have never met except for my “Great” aunt Classie, aunt Rozzie, and aunt Janice (Janet). My mother told aunt Classie that she would name her first born after her and she did; My name is Porscha Clarissa Dew. My grandfather’s name is Eugene Edward Dew Sr. He is also known as Dickey Dew. My father’s name is Eugene Edward Dew jr. also know as squirt to the family. The last time my sister Bianca and I saw aunt Classie, aunt Rozzie, grandmother Julia, and grandmother Jean was when my mom Yolanda brought us on the air plane to visit and stay with aunt Classie was when I was six years’ old and aunt Classie’s next door neighbor picked us up from the air port in his taxie an brought us to see aunt Classie about seventeen/eighteen years ago. My mom kept promising aunt Classie that she would bring Bianca and I to see her again but we could never afford to the air plane flight. Aunt Classie would always ask for my mom my sister and I to please come see her and aunt Rozzie every time we would talk on the phone. The last time we talked to aunt Classie was last July 2008 we have tried to call since but no one ever answers the phone. We pray and hope to still some day come see aunt Classie and aunt Rozzie’s spirit while we are all still on this earthly plain, but if not we know for sure that dear sweet and patient aunt Classie and aunt Rozzie and the rest of the Dew family too that will see you arounds God’s thrown in heaven.

  3. Porscha says:

    If you have any information on the rest of the family could you please tell them I am and have been trying to get in contact with them I would love to meet the rest of the family I have never met before, i’d gladly appreciate it. Here are my contacts Msheard04@yahoo.com if there is a email for any of the family or to the writer of this beautiful article I would be more than glad to leave a phone number there for contact, thank you again and God Bless.

  4. Porscha says:

    Ok thank you very much

  5. Eugene Dew says:

    Call me sweetie I niss you all 951-472-5944

  6. anthony schreiber says:

    The person featured in the above article was a client of mine in the mid 90’s when she was already in her 90’s. She was taking care of her baby sister AND a nephew or cousin who was some 20 to 40 years younger than her but had some medical issues, maybe a stroke that he was trying to recover from. She weighed less than 90 pounds and reminded me a… See More lot of Georgia O’keefe. Laundry was in the basement and had to be done frequently because of bedding changes for the “patients” in her care. The only bathroom was upstairs. The “patients” were on the main level of the three level NW DC row house. She made lots of trips up and down the three levels and avoided using the stair lift because it was “too slow”. “That’s for him” she said. I once watched how she cared for the sister, sat on the bed, leaned in for a hug, wrapped her sister’s arms around her own neck, than leaned back up thereby getting her much heavier sister into seated position. And then equally as efficiently had her in and out of chairs, sheets changed, clothes changed, meds given, etc… The sister was suffering from dementia and would often time attempt to get out of bed, wander off, or just not cooperate. But Ms. Clarice had magic powers and her will would be done.

  7. ROBYN says:


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