Writers/Aspiring Writers/The Functionally Literate

Reply to: hahawhatokaysure@craigslist.org
Date: 2009-05-12, 4:10PM EDT

Do you consider yourself a Seinfeldian observer of minutiae? Are you passionate about meaningless things?  Can you at least fake it? Are you an aspiring writer or blogger?  Are you eager to see your name on the internet, anywhere, anyhow, by any means?  Are you sentient?  If so, we want to hear from you! Examiner.com is looking for specialists to cover the following topics.  (Seriously, people are clamoring for this stuff!)

Belly Button Lint Examiner

Shoelace Examiner

Dust Jacket Examiner

Discarded Fish Heads Examiner

Eye Gunk Examiner

Missing Socks at the Laundromat Examiner

Lichen Examiner

Dust Bunny Examiner

Plastic Comb Examiner

ZOMG!  Did That Come Out Of Me? Examiner

Driftwood Examiner

The Andrews Sisters Examiner

Mortuary Makeup  Artist Examiner

Ghidorah Examiner

Examiner.com Examiner

Examiner.com is establishing a national brand and we really, really need someone to cover these topics.  Come on, you pretty much sit in front of the computer all day anyway, right?  Just take a five minute break from fapping, blow the potato chip dust off the keys, and blurt out some halfway decent copy.  Compensation: Very competitive

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