If You Liked ‘The Wire’ You’ll Love ‘Little Dorrit’

little-dorritBasically.  Or at least, you can connect the dots back from David Simon to Charles Dickens, George Packer supposes. “At the center of ‘Little Dorrit’ is a nightmarish government bureaucracy called the Circumlocution Office, and an investment scheme that turns out to be a sham. The parallels with our world are many, but here’s just one: with its serialized presentation of the unexpected interconnections among all levels of society, its huge gallery of characters and caricatures, each one easily identified by a tic or motif, its broad urban canvas, its interest in institutions, its brooding atmosphere, ‘Little Dorrit’ reminds you how much ‘The Wire’ owes to Dickens.”

Sure.  (I am loving “Little Dorrit,” btw.  Why are you not watching?  Seriously, PBS has their own video portal now. Also:  Masterpiece Contemporary is on Hulu.  The internet is an embarrassment of Masterpieces.  And while “The Last Enemy” is at times a screechy melodramatic technothriller, at least the protagonist is an antisocial germaphobe.  So, relatable!  To, er, me.)

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2 Responses to If You Liked ‘The Wire’ You’ll Love ‘Little Dorrit’

  1. Dorrit Madness! You have been suckered in just as thoroughly as the most disipated Victorian. LOVE IT.

    • ephemerist says:

      I AM a dissipated Victorian. Maybe? That sounds like a broken car. Can I get a lift to work? The Victorian is dissipated again, and I can’t get it to start.

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