Gimme Down to There Hair


Here is one of those wonderful  items that publicists like to plant to create “buzz” for a show.   It is to be taken with a grain of salt, but it does involve pubic wigs, so.

IT’S the real thing when it comes to the full-frontal nudity in the revival of “Hair.” A rumor floating around Broadway [Really?  Oliver Platt and Sutton Foster are gabbing about this over cocktails at Sardi’s? — ed.] was that the actresses playing the unshaven ’60s hippies in the rock musical were being fitted with pubic hairpieces so they wouldn’t have to give up their Brazilian waxes. But a rep for the show, which opens Tuesday at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, says all hair will be strictly home grown. “It’s all natural. There are no merkins in the show at all,” he laughed.

Ah yes, a rousing guffaw was had knowing that the hardworking actresses in the show are not depilating their lady business, for the sake of authenticity.  Suffering, as they are, for their art. [P6]

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7 Responses to Gimme Down to There Hair

  1. Junglejulia says:

    Merkins are ALWAYS funny!

    • ephemerist says:

      @JJ: except prolly for the wig maker who has to create them. That might possibly be the worst gig on Broadway.

  2. operatorla says:

    actually not so much the wig maker but the wig team that has to clean them.

    Please, tell me that a merkin is one use only!

    • ephemerist says:

      @OperatorLA: Imagine the budget on Merkins and spirit gum if they are disposable? Eight shows a week!

  3. Multi-use merkins are just too horrifying to contemplate.

    Multi-purpose? *shudder of horror*

    • ephemerist says:

      @Sorcia: I dunno. I see a niche market. You know how Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have marketed hair extensions? Well…I think the merkin needs a celebrity advocate/spokesperson to market a line of multi-use merkins.

  4. Biff the impaler says:

    you could have specialty merkins, for instance; jerkin’ merkin, firkin merkin, lurkin’ merkin, workin’ merkin, the list is endless. Well almost…

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