All Your Jellicles Are Belong to Us

lloyd-webberMusical maven Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is getting into the video game business, Playbill reports.  The Really Useful Group,  Webber’s entertainment conglomerate, wants to “take its portfolio of world-famous brands into the interactive entertainment sphere.”  Those world famous brands, you might recall, include The Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and who could forget Aspects of Love.  What fun that will be.  So, then, to Pwn the Cats game you, what, get Grizabella up to the Heaviside layer?

It does seem though that the company is intent on getting in on a variety of media.  Their website supposedly has some social networking elements (I’m taking their word for it, I refuse to go down that particular rabbit hole, thank you) and they have a YouTube Channel.

But does this mean all the drama geeks will spend their time in front of the video game machine, their mothers yelling at them that they’ll be late for play practice?  How many high school productions of The Music Man will suffer because the kids just want to sit in front of the console and play Whistle Down the Wind?

Really Useful Group May Venture Into Video Game Field [Playbill]

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4 Responses to All Your Jellicles Are Belong to Us

  1. Great Odin’s Raven.
    You know, though, there was a time when I would have totally owned a Phantom video game.

  2. operatorla says:

    Cmon…A Joseph video game would be amazing.
    Live Joseph’s Dreams.
    Help Egypt through famine
    Build his Dreamcoat oone panel at a time.

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