Maybe Try This at Home: Hallucinate with Ping-Pong Balls and Radio Static*


Perhaps due to our economic downturn you find you have to cut back on your recreational drug purchasing, choosing to rather spend that money on food, or rent, or whatnot. Or, say, you’ve never had the experience of LSD but really want to know why those kids you went to college with were always giggling or doing some version of Surrealist automatic drawing, or tripping balls at Disney World, consuming those giant “turkey legs” which were actually emu,  or maybe doing elaborate glowstick routines to Madonna’s Ray of Light album. (But who did that? In the late ’90s?  While attending UCF and living in a rented pink house off a dirt road near a cow pasture, with a bi-curious white trash neighbor and one time an Amazonian chick who jumped through a bonfire while a full rock band played in your living room, the living room where your roommate, on the first day after you moved in, spilled bleach on the maroon carpet thereby creating a giant discolored spot, and then tried to hide it?  *Cough*  Who indeed?)

Anyway!  Here’s the thing: you can apparently “hack your brain” and simulate the full hallucinatory experience with nothing more than a ping-pong ball and a staticy radio by doing something called the Ganzfeld Procedure (see above graphic).  So simple, anyone can use it!  There are also other mind tricks in the article, but I’m pretty sure I know where your head is at.

*I hereby absolve myself of any responsibility should you indeed try this at home.  Hello, you read it on the internet.  Do not always trust the internet.  That said, let me know if it works.

Hack your brain [Boston Globe]

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15 Responses to Maybe Try This at Home: Hallucinate with Ping-Pong Balls and Radio Static*

  1. operatorla says:

    maybe they should combine this with a tanning bed. Those eye protectors woudl work and the room coudl just be filled with white noise. Trip and Tan or Tanlucinate.

  2. melissa says:

    You just made me pee my pants with the pink house reference…and I do this every night to get to sleep. Insomnia is a bitch and I quell her with memories of hallucinations from the “good old days.”
    Please see
    You think I’m kidding.

  3. melissa says:

    happynessified, that’s what it does…

  4. Anon says:

    Or you could just turn off the lights…

  5. sean says:

    it does not work…..

  6. Adrian says:

    Okay… so… idk if it really is the full hallucinatory experience but I put my paper mask on, and blasted Mastodon’s Trainwreck. I friggin became fire within 1 minute. Holy shit. I didn’t see anything but somehow I just felt like fire.

  7. Isabel says:

    Holy shit there were flashing lights like someone wa flipping the switch on and of and i panicked it was freaking scary!

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  9. Farrrrreal says:

    You have to be patient, within 10 minutes I was at a trippin farriswheel, and I could hear hundreds of really little kids screaming and giggling. (other little things happened too) but then I stopped. It works.

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