Re-Casting ‘Bright Lights’

blbcCan you believe it?  Literary lothario Jay McInerney’s  novel, Bright Lights, Big City, is turning twenty-five this year.  Take a moment to feel old.  In a recent interview with the Telegraph, McInerney reveals there’s a remake of the movie in the works. ( He calls the woefully-miscast Michael J. Fox version “terrible,”  even though he’s credited with the screenplay.)  So!  It’s never too early to play casting director!  Who should star as the lead in the next cinematic go-round of “Bright Lights”?

James Franco.  He managed to make his pot-dealing character in Pineapple Express lovably endearing.  Perhaps he can do the same with a cocaine-hoovering fact checker?

Chace Crawford. The floppy-haired star of “Gossip Girl” is no stranger to the boites and boozeterias of Manhattan.  Character research!  Bonus casting:  fellow “Gossip Girl” cast member Ed Westwick is perfect as the amoral Tad Allagash.  It’s a two-fer!

Zac Efron.  After three go-rounds with Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise, he’s sure to be looking for a dark, “serious,” break-out role.  He may be a little young, but as a mannequin-like exemplar of the superficiality of the aughts, he mirrors the same vapid self-interest of the eighties.  And he’d bring his entire fan base to the cinema on opening weekend.  Box office success!

Elijah Wood.  The diminutive actor  has the same dark swath of hair and piercing eyes as McInerney.  He’s a suitable stand-in with decent acting chops.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A sitcom star in his younger days, he’s tapped into the darker side of the human condition in films like Mysterious Skin and The Lookout. I’d buy him as a wanna-be fiction writer with a nose for Bolivian marching powder and a jones for his ex-girlfriend.

Consider also:  Jake Gyllenhaal; Jason SchwartzmanEmile Hirsch

That’s all I got. Thoughts?

New York’s bright young man grows up [Telegraph]

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3 Responses to Re-Casting ‘Bright Lights’

  1. Casey Affleck. I re-watched The Assasination of Jesse James last night and realized that he is, in fact, the single, talented Affleck.

  2. amelia t. says:

    Zac Efron? He’s not 24 yet but i think that he can deliver the same kind of drunken monologue that Michael J Fox has in the film. Besides, he said he wants to do more dramatic movies and even mentioned that Michael is one of the celebrities that he looks up to and wanted to follow his footsteps. Hey! That seems perfect!

    • ephemerist says:

      @Amelia t.: It is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility for Master Efron. And yet! I’m sort of of the mind that that book is unfilmable; even a re-working of the script might not play any better that the one with Michael J. Fox. That said: if this thing gets rolling and Efron is indeed signed on, I want a casting credit.

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