Headshot Hilarity

petetraina_page_1-719311Impressions count, which is why you would probably not have a business card printed in Comic Sans font with an embossed unicorn, say (unless you are “30 Rock” character Cathy Geiss).  It is in this vein that it always amuses/horrifies me when actors have those terrible composite headshots, where they try to show their “range” with a series of wacky outfits and props, as if to say  I can be serious (glasses and briefcase), or funny (rubber chicken), or menacing (fake tats) or a doctor (scrubs and stethoscope).  I am totally sad that I did not come up with the idea to compile these terrible headshots into a book, like Patrick Borelli and photographer Douglas Gorenstein did with  “Holy Headshots: A Celebration of America’s Undiscovered Talent.”  You can hear an interview with them at the Sound of Young America, and as it’s an enhanced podcast, you can marvel at some of the photos –and the lengths some actors will go to get noticed –as the conversation unfolds.

Podcast [TSOYA]

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