Better To Be Pissed Off Than…

As the saying goes, pissed on.  This gentleman, Torey L. Devaux, is clearly unschooled in the art of wooing, and also has some problems in the rejection department.   “Devaux was drunk when he argued with a woman he lived with who refused to have sex with him. The woman said he went to the basement and urinated on her dog and on the floor.” []

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3 Responses to Better To Be Pissed Off Than…

  1. Lizzy would have said, “heeehhhh”

  2. ephemerist says:

    Lizzy does not like the golden showers!

  3. Torey DeVaux says:

    Would be Nice if things was published exactly how they happen. I di not piss on that dog how she said I did. And to say that I wanted sex – she called me back home(Which I was living with here and Randy), to have sex. by the time I got there – her sister, her boyfriend and this other chick was there. So that blew the plans. So i was tryong to go to bed, she kept asking me to go in the basement with her so that we could be alone. Some knew that Rachel and I was having sex and some didn’t. But when it all came out – she chose to lie to save her on ass. I could care less what you or anyone thinks or feels about me – Just get the shit right!

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