Style Fail: Mantyhose

Remember when those fake tattoo sleeves came out and you were like ha ha, wow, awful!   It just got better (by which I mean utterly, horribly, inconceivably worse):  The Mantyhose. Pantyhose.  For Men.  “Why do men wear pantyhose?” the site asks.  You just go ahead and peruse that for yourself.  Strangely, a) fetish, b) career as gender illusionist and c) Renaissance Faire performer are not listed.  And if you’re worried about dudes ragging on you?  FORGET IT.  They have gone through tons of iterations that will ensure your outfit will not look “femmy” at all when paired with these thoroughly masculine stockings.  Heh.

To each his own, really, what care I what you wear? Perhaps you want the snug, supportive feel or the purported health benefits.  Go wild.  But trying to make pantyhose seem remotely butch?  Good luck with that.

e-MANcipate[site via In Other News]

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