Conspicuous Consumption: The Beerbelly

Melissa sent me the link to this product last night:  the Beerbelly.  It is, I suppose, a cousin of sorts to the Stadium Pal.  Yet where the “Pal” lets you urinate at your leisure without the hassle of, you know, an actual restroom, the Beerbelly allows you to smuggle a faux-stomach full of liquid (hot or cold!) that would eventually necessitate a trip to the toilet.  (Can you wear both the Stadium Pal and the Beerbelly?  That is either efficiency at its finest or a recipe for disaster.)

Though the idea of a swinging gut is not unheard of at a sporting event, I’m afraid that the plastic nozzle coming out of the “polyurethane bladder” kinda sorta gives it away?  Maybe? However stealthily it is concealed under a t-shirt.  There’s nothing as unsexy as giving the impression you are sucking fluids out of a catheter.

Now the WineRack?  That’s just genius.

The Beerbelly [site]

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2 Responses to Conspicuous Consumption: The Beerbelly

  1. meli says:

    There is nothing like American mind an it’s ability to come up with covert ways to dodge expensive stadium prices for booze. And this is why Bush believe the American people will make it through these tough times. At least in regards to beer and the need to consume it cheaply.

  2. ephemerist says:

    @Meli: True. We as a people are nothing if not crafty.

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