Sequels: Beverly Hills Chihuahua Edition

Oof, this world!  Everything is topsy turvy and I can barely process.   Don’t, as the say, get too comfortable.  Take for example the cinema, where last weekend that mangy Beverly Hills Chihuahua was the top grosser at the box office, beating out the twee, out-all-night romcom Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. (Note to Michael Cera: lend your halting, adorably awkward line deliveries to a talking animal pic or an animated feature posthaste. An Oh Heavenly Dog remake, perhaps?)

This development most surely means the Disney movie will garner a  *shudder* sequel.  Luckily the folks at “The Soup” have cobbled together a trailer for what is the most logical follow-up to the turgid canine romp.

YouTube [via Pop + Politics]

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3 Responses to Sequels: Beverly Hills Chihuahua Edition

  1. meli says:

    I like to think Delilah is a south central chihuahua…or at least an echo park/downtown LA chihuahua. I now am beginning to believe I’ve contributed to the downfall of western civilization but I tell you what, motherf*er, Lou is getting one hell of a pimped out Papooch. I can’t wait to make one in ‘bloods’ bandana red.

  2. ephemerist says:

    @Meli: De-ri-rah has been known to get ghetto. Don’t try to get up in her space or hump her boyfriend, she will cut a bitch. Just sayin’.

  3. ephemerist says:

    @Meli: Oooh, yes. There is definitely a market for ghetto/gang colored papooches. Or for gansta hos with tiny dogs. DO IT.

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