Bloodbath on Wall Street: The Musical!

But not the one occurring right this minute (though who wouldn’t want to hear Henry Paulson’s 11 o’clock  number?).   In a canny/terrible move, producers have secured the rights to adapt bad-boy author Brett Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho for the stage.  In a statement, one of the producers said: “The character of Patrick Bateman has become an icon for fans of Ellis’ book and the film adaptation, and now we can bring this dark but comical world of greed to the stage in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.”  So, uh, a kick line of dismembered hooker corpses, then?  Also:  The show will combine original songs with hits from the 80s.  Someone get on those clearances for  “The Greatest Love of All” and “Sussudio.”

Ellis seems on board with the idea, saying that the book’s “essence is the high-flying 80s, the decadence and the music — together, they are the equivalent of a spectacular train wreck you have to watch.”  Alright, then!  Cue the murder ballad.

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One Response to Bloodbath on Wall Street: The Musical!

  1. robinitaface says:

    I mean – this is what we musical theatre people are vying to be a part of? I realize we’re a mess, but yeesh.

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